Company Overview

KURIMA Consulting is a specialised management and technology consulting company offering a portfolio of services to small and medium enterprises, cutting across industries and sectors in South Africa. The organisation provides services aimed at reducing technology costs, mitigating business risk and ultimately improving business performance. New enterprises are assisted to gain access to technologies and technology solutions. In summary, KURIMA Consulting assists businesses:

  • Achieve more efficient operations through applications of appropriate management and technology solutions
  • Establish web presence through website hosting, design and content development
  • Acquire appropriate technology hardware and software
  • Create computer networks and connections 
KURIMA Consulting has deep understanding of business management and technology applications issues, as well as the means to address client�s immediate and long term needs. The company has experienced and capable team that has acquired knowledge and experience to deal with the business challenges facing customers and it partner with them when providing solutions.


A dominant provider of management and technology consulting services within the small and medium enterprises sector in South Africa.


We provide quality, innovative, unique, reliable and relevant management and technology solutions.

Our Phylosophy

Our operating philosophy is to provide simplified management and technology services to our customers resulting in future oriented innovative solutions.

"�simplified service, for innovative solutions�"

We, therefore, always partner with our customers in developing customised management and technology solutions to produce suitable innovative results that are beneficial to the business.

Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles are driven by our beliefs and values.

  • Knowledge & Skills. We provide sustainable business solutions through knowledge and skills transfer to our customers.
  • Competence.We continually build our competence through training and development of employees.
  • Innovation. We strive to develop and provide innovative and unique business solutions.
  • Collaboration. We partner with our customers in developing business solutions.

Our Objectives

Our main aim is to:

  • Provide high quality consulting and technology services
  • Develop innovative and unique business solutions
  • Develop reliable and relevant business solutions
  • Provide low cost and affordable services


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