KURIMA Consulting

KURIMA Consulting is a specialised management and technology consulting company offering a portfolio of services to small and medium enterprises, cutting across industries and sectors in South Africa. The division provides services aimed at reducing technology costs, mitigating business risk and ultimately improving business performance.

Our Approach

KURIMA Consulting has deep understanding of business management and technology applications issues and the means to address client�s immediate and long term needs. Our capable team are able to deal with challenges faced by customers by providing well researched, proven and innovative business solutions.

Our solution development process is summarised into five main stages or phases as on the above diagram and they are summarily described below.




First, we assess the current state of the organisation, define scope and develop delivery plans


Second, we design the future state of the organisation based on   proven and well research tools


Third, we test the validity of the designs through a pilot to ensure compatibility with the environment


Fourth, we also assist our customers with implementation of solutions & integration thereof


Lastly, we provide our customers with tools to evaluate the solutions to ensure benefit realisation



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